Genomar Genetics makes available to you 25 years of professional and innovative selective breeding work in Nile tilapia. No other organization can claim such a long-standing commitment and dedication to tilapia industry through genetics. You have now the opportunity of benefiting from the most efficient genetic material in the market today and accessing exciting new products in the future. Partnering with Genomar Genetics means you can focus on your core activity: growing and marketing tilapia while knowing that a team of dedicated people is working to deliver the best genetic science to you.
We have currently two products in our catalogue:
GST®Pro® Breeders are the result of 25 years of genetic improvement in our nucleus where we have focused on a mix of selection traits that represents the interest of the industry: growth, fillet yield, robustness and fecundity.
Our material was collected in the 1980s from 8 different populations in Africa and Asia. This means that we have a wide genetic platform represented in our program and that we can continue to undertake breeding work for many generations to come. This material is organized in 240 families where we systematically collect extensive range of data. With full pedigree information going back 25 generations we are able optimize the matings and manage the risk of inbreeding.
This product is extensively documented in our documentation farm in Malaysia (download product specifications). The most notable characteristic is impressive growth performance, as shown in the graph below:
 Pic-growth curve


GST®Pro® Breeders are available all year round under License Agreement. Contact us for more information.
In 2015, Genomar Genetics has started implementing new breeding technologies in Tilapia generally known under the name of Marker Assisted Selection. Based on this technology we are able to directly select animals that carries favorable genetic markets that are highly associated with traits of interest. The first product originating from this technology is GST®Yield®. GST®Yield® will deliver 2-3% higher fillet yield than standard GST®Pro® making a huge impact in the profitability and efficiency of the processing segment of the industry. Approximately 20% of the total world production enters further processing for fillet production
The validation of the markers in our breeding nucleus shows the combination of best two favorable markers provides an average 3,2 % higher fillet yield- expressed as manual shallow skinning.
Pic -Fillet yield gain with MAS
GST®Yield® will be available from 2Q 2016. Contact us for more information.

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